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Custom Content

Guides and Tutorials

Installing backgrounds, highways, and color profiles. Important note for v1.0.4080 players The Rescan Custom Content button in Settings > Gameplay is currently broken. You must restart the game in order for changes in custom content to show up, it rescans au...

Online Multiplayer

Guides and Tutorials

Public Servers Clone Hero v1.0 has many public servers available to join, with no setup required. Select Join Server in the Online menu to use them.The first player to join a server becomes the host. The host can use chat commands to add a password, configure...

song.ini Guide

Guides and Tutorials

This is an abbreviated version of grishhung's Comprehensive song.ini Guide. A blank song.ini template can be downloaded here. Alternatively, you can copy one from any working song and change its info. What is the song.ini file? The song.ini file stores all...

Common Issues & Troubleshooting

General Info

Common technical problems and solutions for them. Antivirus Deletes Clone Hero Some antiviruses don't like unverified programs and may mark the game as a threat. This is a false positive. You will need to navigate to your Virus Chest in your antivirus softwa...

Game Team

General Info Credits

People that worked on the game. Creator Srylain (Ryan Foster) Project Lead mdsitton (Matthew Sitton) Programming Team Srylain (Ryan Foster) mdsitton (Matthew Sitton) ofsp6070 (Oscar Sáenz) ARPP3 (David Arppe) ExileLord noahbkim E2 Fily...


General Info Credits

People that contributed to the translation of the game. Chinese (Simplified) Zesty Czech Tornith Danish Wardrums Dutch HalloweenPandas LightingChalk Finnish martti BulbaSaruman French Miscellany Paturages German Che...

Replacement Parts & Modification

Guitars, Drums, Controllers

Various parts of Guitar Hero and Rock Band controllers can be manually replaced and/or modded. This page lists compatible options. Arduino Guitars You can use an Arduino to make a Wii adapter, PS2 adapter or rewire a guitar (it even has flashy fret LED suppo...