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Wiimote Linux Binding

NOTE: This should not be necessary for users on modern kernels, however it is offered here for those who may be running very old linux distributions. 

If you are using a wiitar on a very old version of Linux and are unable to map the buttons, this guide may help. This process will use keyboard emulation to bind the wiimote functions to keyboard keys. 

  • A wii guitar
  • A bluetooth adapter

Note: Tilt and Whammy will not work with this configuration


Open the linux terminal and run the following commands

  • sudo apt-get install lswm wminput libcwiid1
  • sudo nano /etc/cwiid/wminput/gamepad
The second command will open the nano editor, inside of that replace everything with:
# gameport
Classic.Up = KEY_KP0
Classic.Down = KEY_KP1
Classic.Left = KEY_KP2
Classic.Right = KEY_KP3
Classic.Minus = KEY_KP4
Classic.Plus = KEY_KP5
Classic.Home = KEY_KP6
Classic.A = KEY_KP7
Classic.B = KEY_KP8
Classic.X = KEY_KP9
Classic.L = KEY_SLASH
Classic.R = KEY_COMMA

These bindings can be whatever you like, however these were chosen to be out of the way buttons so as to not affect normal keyboard usage during gameplay.

In the editor, use CTRL+O to save changes, and then CTRL+X to exit

Finally, run this command to connect your controller

sudo wminput -c /etc/cwiid/wminput/gamepad

Now when you open Clone Hero, press space to open the controller mapping menu and go through each control and set each control to what they should be in the Keyboard column.