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Alternate Drum Tom Mode

You may find that the standard sprites for drum toms is too similar to the cymbal sprite. You can change this in the profile menu by activating "Square Tom Notes" 


With this active, all tom notes will now have an alternate sprite that might make it easier to distinguish from cymbal notes.

Pro Tip: Unsure what these notes mean? Check out the How To Play page for detailed information! 

Tom Notes

Unlike the "standard" tom sprite, alternate toms all share the same star power phrase sprite regardless of the lane. 

Red Drum (Alternate).gifYellow Drum (Alternate).gifBlue Drum (Alternate).gifGreen Drum (Alternate).gif

SP Phrase Drum (Alternate).gif

Accent Notes

Red Drum Accent (Alternate).gifYellow Drum Accent (Alternate).gifBlue Drum Accent (Alternate).gifGreen Drum Accent (Alternate).gif

SP Phrase Drum Accent (Alternate).gif

Ghost Notes

Red Drum Ghost (Alternate).pngYellow Drum Ghost (Alternate).pngBlue Drum Ghost (Alternate).pngGreen Drum Ghost (Alternate).png

SP Phrase Drum Ghost (Alternate).png

Star Power

When star power is enabled, all toms share the same sprite regardless of the lane. These sprites look similar to the star power phrase sprite, but are differentiated by the color of the edges.

Cyan Drum (Alternate).gifCyan Drum Accent (Alternate).gifCyan Drum Ghost (Alternate).png