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The Official Clone Hero Wiki

Clone Hero is currently on v1.0.0.4080

Use the Search Bar at the top to find articles that may answer your questions or issues! 

Read the the Official Clone Hero Manual for information on installation, how to play, controls, and more!

You can find lots of useful information within the General Info section such as answers to Frequently Asked Questions, solutions to Common Issues, and a Dictionary of in-game concepts and terms. 

Wondering which guitar you should get? Check out our Recommended Guitars Guide.

For complete information about compatible guitars and drum kits, read the complete Controllers, Guitars, and Drums Guide.

Having an issue with your guitar or drums? Check out the Guitar Troubleshooting and Drum Troubleshooting pages for fixes and solutions.

For info on things you may have to do in order to get the game running well or just general tasks, we have a list of Guides and Tutorials.

What to know how Clone Hero came to be? Read the History Of Clone Hero and then download it yourself to get in on the shredding action!

Got questions or can't find an answer to your issue? Join our Discord server where you can find tons of community members willing to help troubleshoot.