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Guitars, Drums, Controllers

Descriptions of all known Guitar Hero and Rock Band peripherals and various guides regarding or related to them.

Getting Started

Clone Hero is compatible with keyboard controls, gamepads (Xbox, Playstation, etc), guitar contro...

Keyboard and Gamepads

You may not have access to a guitar, especially since they've been increasing in price and are no...


List of Guitars, pros/cons of each, and dongles required


Collection of pages describing the drums compatible with Clone Hero, along with recommendations f...

Receivers and Dongles

Wireless instruments require specific receivers/dongles to connect and are not interchangeable. T...

Wired Adapters

Some instruments require special adapters to connect to your computer. For example, any PS2 guita...

Unsupported Controls

There are a couple control mechanisms supported by other rhythm games but not Clone Hero.

Replacement Parts & Modification

Arduino Guitars