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Wired Adapters

Some instruments require special adapters to connect to your computer. For example, non-USB PS2 guitars will require a PS2-to-USB adapter. Alternatively, you may choose to use a wired adapter with your Wii guitar to eliminate the need for a Wiimote and Bluetooth.

It is possible to craft your own wired adapter for both PS2 and Wii guitars. See this website for a comprehensive guide of everything Arduino-related.

Note that Etsy listings may change and new sellers may come to the market. We recommend checking the seller pages in case new adapter revisions have been released since this page was last updated, as well as searching Etsy in general, in case better deals are available.


Wii guitars will work with a wiimote and bluetooth using the Wiitarthing software, however if you do not have a wiimote, an alternative is to use a wired adapter. Keep in mind that tilt on Wii guitars is handled by the wiimote, so for tilt to work with an adapter it needs to have it's own tilt sensor on board. You can create your own following Sanjay's guide, or you can buy one from the following sellers.

Etsy: Black Wiidow - Wii Guitar Adapter

Black Wiidow.png

Sold by HSMods. Has a tilt sensor. Contact Discord user @hondysondy in the Clone Hero Discord for direct support.

Etsy: Wii Guitar Adapter for Clone Hero and RB4 (Rock Band 4)

Wii Guitar Adapter for Clone Hero and RB4 (Rock Band 4) V2.png

Sold by RetroCultMods. Latest revision has a tilt sensor, while earlier and cheaper revisions lack one. Lowest cost version does not include the USB cable or housing. 

Etsy: Phunkwii Adapter - Simple Wii Guitar Controller to USB Adapter


Sold by PhunkyCustoms. Does not have a tilt sensor.

Etsy: PicoChuck Wii Adapter - Plug & Play Wii Nunchuck to USB-C


Sold by MrAdriankiModding. Both tilt and tiltless variants are available. The most compact variant, comes in various colors. 

Raphnet Classic Controller to USB Adapter

Raphnet Wii.png

Does not have a tilt sensor. This used to be the standard recommendation, however various sellers on Etsy have begun to offer equivalent or better products at lower prices. However, this may be your best option if you are outside of the US.

EMiO Edge Gamepad for SNES Mini - Super NES

EMiO Edge Gamepad for SNES Mini - Super NES.png

No tilt sensor, whammy and analog stick don't work, does not support drums. The bundle comes with a gamepad and adapter, but the adapter is all you want. You will likely need a USB extension cable since the adapter cable is extremely short. 


PS2 adapters let you use guitars with Playstation 2 controller connectors on them, like the SG. There's many cheap options available, and a few higher quality options.

You can also craft your own PS2 adapter by following Sanjay's guide or buy one already built off Etsy. Note that Etsy listings may change and new sellers may come to the market, be sure to search there for the best deals!

Etsy: Blue Indigo Adapter

Blue Indigo.png

Sold by HSMods. Supports Whammy on both Mac and Windows, tilt is only supported on Windows. Contact Discord user @hondysondy in the Clone Hero Discord for direct support.

Raphnet PSX Adapter

Raphnet PS2.png

Known to have 100% compatibility across all operating systems. Whammy works just fine. Best option, though also the most expensive one and often out of stock. May not be available outside of the US.

The following PS2 adapters can be often unpredictable and of poor quality, although their cheap price can make them worth it. While we try to make recommendations of ones we believe will work, we cannot make any guarantees. If you are going to use one, please be aware that not all adapters offer whammy functionality.

If your adapter does not work at all or has incorrect bindings, please see the PS2 Adapter Fix in troubleshooting for a possible solution.

Kebidu PS2 to PS3/PC Adapter

Kebidu PS2.png

Does not work with Mac! Whammy may not work correctly. Be aware of long shipping times from AliExpress!

Xahpower PS2 to PS3/PC Adapter

Xahpower PS2.png

Does not work with Mac! May not work at all until the a driver is applied. 

Mcbazel PlayStation 2 Controller to USB Adapter

Mcbazel PS2.png

Does not work with Mac! Stated not to work at all on the seller's listing, however users have reported that it does work after applying the a driver. Your mileage may vary.