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Chart Previews via the Command Line

Clone Hero supports command-line parameters that will automatically load a song and preview it using bot players.

  • -s / --song <path> - Path to the song folder to load.
  • -p / --player <instrument>,<difficulty> - Adds a bot player to use and specifies its instrument and difficulty. Use multiple to specify multiple players (up to 4). Instrument and difficulty tags are case-insensitive.
    • Instrument tags:
      • Guitar
      • Bass
      • Rhythm
      • GuitarCoop
      • Guitar6Fret
      • Bass6Fret
      • Rhythm6Fret
      • GuitarCoop6Fret
      • Keys
      • Drums
      • ProDrums
    • Difficulty tags:
      • Expert
      • Hard
      • Medium
      • Easy
  • --profile <name> - The name of a profile to use as a template for all of the bot players.
  • -i / --instrumentNames - Show instrument names on the highway.
  • -v / --verses - Enable Versus mode.

Example: "./Clone Hero.exe" --song "C:\Songs\Everything is Awesome" --player Guitar,Expert --profile Me -i