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Scanning Songs

If you'd added new songs to your game, these are not automatically updated in the song list. After adding or remove any songs, you must go to Settings > General and press Scan Songs for changes to take effect.

Bad Songs

If you see the Bad Songs counter increase during song scanning, you can view the badsongs.txt file that gets generated to see what songs are bad and why.

  • On Windows, it will be generated in Documents > Clone Hero for typical installs, or the PlayerData folder in the game’s install directory for portable installs.
  • On Linux, it will be created in the ~/.clonehero directory.
  • On Mac, it will be created in the ~/Clone Hero directory.

Setting Additional Song Directories

You can configure the game to search additional folders for songs by using the Manage Song Paths button in Settings > General and then pressing "Add Folder" in the subsequent menu.



When adding a new folder, if you do not see the file explorer window open, it may have opened behind the game. Try using Alt+Tab to try to find it. 

Note: On android this feature may not work correctly and you cannot add paths.