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Guitar Troubleshooting

Guitars, Drums, Controllers Guitars

Listed here are common issues and their resolutions. If you encounter an issue not listed here, or the solutions proposed do not fix your problem, you can ask for further help in the discord. General Troubleshooting If you are having issues with your guita...

Drum FAQs and Troubleshooting

Guitars, Drums, Controllers Drums

Collection of common issues faced when mapping drums in Clone hero MIDI E-kit Troubleshooting If you experience issues such as overhitting or dropped inputs on your e-kit, you may need to adjust some threshold settings in either your kit, or in the Mappings ...

Third Party And Bad Guitars

Guitars, Drums, Controllers Guitars

Third party guitars are guitars that are produced by organizations not affiliated with Neversoft or Harmonix. These guitars are typically lower quality and not recommended unless no other option exists. Some are also rare and/or generally unavailable to the pu...

Receivers and Dongles

Guitars, Drums, Controllers

Wireless instruments require specific receivers/dongles to connect and are not interchangeable. This means your GH3 guitar dongle will not work with your GHWT guitar, and your RB1 drum dongle will not work with your RB1 guitar, etc.Remember that you can click ...

Community Team

General Info Credits

Community Managers Bradmasta Matrefeytontias Miscellany RealSavageJef Discord Admins Meliora (Head Admin) BulbaSaruman dizzy drumbs JMS Kuba Krystal  legodano Mac Discord Mods Eva/Thousand Sun Sky HattMeafy Limeey Spachi Disco...


General Info

Various terms and concepts arising from the Clone Hero community and other Rhythm games. Gameplay Concepts & Features FC & Tech FC Short for Full Combo, the act of hitting every note in a song without breaking the combo.A tech FC is the act of FC'ing every ...

Keyboard and Gamepads

Guitars, Drums, Controllers

You may not have access to a guitar, especially since they've been increasing in price and are not always available in your region. But you don't need a guitar! You can play either with a gamepad or with your keyboard. Keyboard The keyboard is the default ...

Frequently Asked Questions

General Info

Answers to frequently asked questions can be found here. Getting Started Q: Where can Clone Hero be downloaded?A: Q: How do I install Clone Hero?A: Here's a tutorial made by Acai that goes over the majority of the setup proce...

Drum Mapping Guide

Guitars, Drums, Controllers Drums

If you run into any trouble while following these instructions, drop by #help-line in the Clone Hero Discord server with your issue/question. Rock Band Kits Rock Band 3's Pro Drums layout is the primary format that Clone Hero supports. Mapping Rock Band kits...

Custom Content

Guides and Tutorials

Installing backgrounds, highways, and color profiles. Important note for v1.0.4080 players The Rescan Custom Content button in Settings > Gameplay is currently broken. You must restart the game in order for changes in custom content to show up, it rescans au...

Online Multiplayer

Guides and Tutorials

Public Servers Clone Hero v1.0 has many public servers available to join, with no setup required. Select Join Server in the Online menu to use them.The first player to join a server becomes the host. The host can use chat commands to add a password, configure...

song.ini Guide

Guides and Tutorials

This is an abbreviated version of grishhung's Comprehensive song.ini Guide. A blank song.ini template can be downloaded here. Alternatively, you can copy one from any working song and change its info. What is the song.ini file? The song.ini file stores all...

Converting .mp4 to .webm using FFmpeg

Guides and Tutorials

This is a simple tutorial on how to convert any video file to .webm using FFmpeg. This way you will be able to use high quality/high filesize videos on Clone Hero without issues. .mp4 is known to be unstable on some systems, using a lot of CPU and in some cas...

Extracting Archives

Guides and Tutorials

Many songs come in archives, these are compressed files that contain one or many files inside of it. In order to use these files in Clone Hero, you must extract them. We recommend 7Zip for this process on windows, and p7zip on linux.  Extracting on Windows Z...

General Guides

Guides and Tutorials

General guides and ideas that don't need their own page are listed here. Adding Song Paths to Clone Hero Want to keep your songs in a different place than inside your Clone Hero folder? There are three different ways you can do so: First step for all of the...

PS2 Adapter Fix

Guides and Tutorials

Some PS2-to-USB adapters may not work correct by default. Here we have instructions on confuguring DsHidMini to attempt to resolve that. However, your mileage may vary and may not always work.  These instructions are for windows only. These are modified from ...

Common Issues & Troubleshooting

General Info

Common technical problems and solutions for them. Antivirus Deletes Clone Hero Some antiviruses don't like unverified programs and may mark the game as a threat. This is a false positive. You will need to navigate to your Virus Chest in your antivirus softwa...

Installation, Updating and Migration Guide

Guides and Tutorials

Detailed information on installing and updating the game to the latest version from PTB or other old versions. Getting Started Before you begin, please download the latest version for your operating system from the website Next, deter...

How to Play

Clone Hero Manual

An explanation of concepts and gameplay mechanics necessary to play the game. Introduction Clone Hero is a game that focuses on "strumming" the correct colored "fret" note combinations in rhythm to a song. While a compatible guitar is recommended, it is not ...

Game Team

General Info Credits

People that worked on the game. Creator Srylain (Ryan Foster) Project Lead mdsitton (Matthew Sitton) Programming Team Srylain (Ryan Foster) mdsitton (Matthew Sitton) ofsp6070 (Oscar Sáenz) ARPP3 (David Arppe) ExileLord noahbkim E2 Fily...